Wednesday November 23 2011
Seedorf: 'It was spectacular'

Clarence Seedorf said football was the winner. “Both teams went for the victory and there were five goals. It was spectacular.”

The Dutchman saw Milan lose 3-2 at San Siro to Barcelona in a Champions League tie worth little, as both sides had already qualified.

“It was a game in which both teams went for the victory, played good football and there were five goals. It was spectacular,” said Seedorf.

“As for us, the team is growing and our self-belief has without doubt improved as well after this performance.

“Finishing top of the group was only important to a degree. The fact remains I am truly happy with the way we played this game.

“Barcelona’s great quality is in players who can beat their opponents in a one-on-one and therefore push forward in numbers. If you are patient and press them at the right time, then they have problems too.”