Saturday November 26 2011
Players invest in Italy

The Players’ Association has joined in the BTP Day, in which people are urged to invest in Italian bonds during this time of crisis.

Much of the problem behind Italy’s financial crisis is the collapse of state bonds in the markets.

This is why on Monday there will be BTP Day, dedicated to people investing in the BTP state bonds to aid their stability without extra commission.

“As an association, we will buy up BTP bonds,” announced AIC President Damiano Tommasi.

“I sent a letter to the captains of all the professional clubs urging them to do the same. I have already received many positive signals from them.

“Some of us are called to represent Italy with the Azzurri jersey, but all of us cheer on this country and above all believe in its strength. This is why we are taking part in BTP Day on Monday.

“We should publicise it, because in an extremely difficult moment in the Italian economy, investing in state bonds is an important contribution citizens can give to prove the faith we have in this country and improve the overall expectations the markets have for Italy.”