Tuesday November 29 2011
Cellino sorry for media silence

Cagliari President Massimo Cellino has apologised for imposing a news blackout in the wake of his team’s 1-1 draw with Bologna.

Cellino called a media silence immediately after Sunday afternoon's game, thought to be as a protest in relation to how they viewed the quality of the match officiating. Speaking to La Unione Sarda on Monday night though, the President apologised to supporters.

“I’ve never had a news blackout before and I am against them. I declined to speak in a moment of bitterness and I was afraid that as we were a little nervous that there would be a few words spoken out of turn. It was temporary and I apologise.

Cellino also looked to shy away from the belief that it was because of the referee.

“If we challenge our institutions we become the sons of no-one, things can be settled without destroying them. Today we are seeing that there is much anxiety in the Italian League, Cagliari is not in a good moment, so we do not want our statements to be misunderstood.”