Wednesday November 30 2011
Osvaldo: 'I regret hitting Lamela'

Pablo Daniel Osvaldo publicly apologised for striking Roma teammate Erik Lamela. “I regretted it immediately.”

The two came to blows in the Stadio Friuli locker room after last Friday’s 2-0 defeat to Udinese.

Osvaldo was fined €50,000 and suspended for this weekend’s Serie A game with Fiorentina.

“I am so sorry for what happened, but these are things that ought to remain in the locker room and not reach the newspapers,” he told Striscia La Notizia.

“In any case, I regretted it immediately after doing such a stupid thing. Erik is a lovely lad, not to mention a great player.

“It’s all over now, we can turn over a new leaf.”

The squad organised a special dinner at a pizzeria with Lamela and Osvaldo picking up the bill as a peace gesture.

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