Saturday December 3 2011
Cisse' explains Twitter outburst

Djibril Cissè assures he “would never insult Lazio fans” after a startling attack on “haters” via his Twitter feed.

Within minutes of the 0-0 Europa League draw with Vaslui, the former Liverpool striker took to his Twitter page to blast critics.

“All of you f****** like to talk. You will regret your words soon. Bye, you bunch of idiots,” he wrote in English.

“You will see who I really am. I will make all of you haters regret your words.”

However, this afternoon Cissè returned to Twitter in order to clarify his position, this time writing in Italian.

“Hello to everyone! I wanted to clarify the situation. The tweet I wrote after the game was for all those who insulted me on my page.

“I never insulted the Lazio fans and I never will. They always supported me and continue to do so. For the real fans who support me, I would never insult you. I respect you and will fight for you to the end.

“Forza Lazio always!!!”