Monday December 5 2011
Zanetti blocked Arsenal’s Alvarez move

Javier Zanetti has revealed that Ricky Alvarez was close to joining Arsenal until he had a word with him about Inter.

The Argentine, 23, joined the Nerazzurri in a €12m deal over the summer after also being chased by the Premiership giants.

“Let’s say that he was very close to Arsenal,” the club captain told FC Inter News. “I rang him and said: ‘Listen Ricky, I know that Inter are following you’.

“I then explained what Inter are all about, that we are a great family and that he would settle in well here. He listened to me…”

Alvarez, an attacking midfielder, has taken his time to settle in his new environment though, even if things are improving.

“He’s making progress,” added Zanetti. “You have to take into consideration the fact that he has arrived here from a completely different championship.

“He needs time to adapt, but, he is slowly showing everyone all of his skills.”

The former Velez man has played in seven League games so far this term, totalling 277 minutes, while he also has one goal in four Champions League appearances.