Tuesday December 6 2011
Campedelli: ‘Players must help referees’

In a dig at Juventus, Cesena President Igor Campedelli has called for players to assist match officials by not appealing for ‘non-existent’ decisions during games.

Campedelli revealed his thoughts on this issue when in discussion with Il Resto del Carlino about Sunday afternoon’s controversial incident that occurred during Cesena’s 2-0 defeat away to Juventus.

Six minutes after falling behind to a Claudio Marchisio strike, the referee awarded Juve a penalty after Francesco Antonioli clashed with former Cesena player Emanuele Giaccherini when going for a cross.

The goalkeeper was also sent off and will be suspended for the Cavallucci Marini’s next League match, whilst replays suggested that the decision was harsh on the struggling Emilia-Romagna side.

“Beyond the strictly non-existent penalty, the most damage to us is the red card given to Antonioli.

“When a player like him, who never raises his voice, is protesting in that way, the referee should have understood not to have done it.

“[Referee Daniele] Doveri carried on with his path. However, it is wrong to blame him alone, we should broaden our discourse to the players.

“Since you talk about fair play, I would like to see more players help the match official. I am not referring only to the penalty, but the whole game - the referees must be left free to work without having to endure the continuing protests of the players.

“Yes I am talking about the Juve players. Of course on Sunday the referee has not been helped, to lead with confidence.”

Campedelli was then asked if he would be saying the same thing if the situation was the other way around and Cesena had benefited from the decision.

“Then I say this - if in the last minute of a game that is 0-0, a Cesena player is granted a non-existent penalty and he gets up and tells the truth, then I certainly would not punish him or get angry.