Friday December 9 2011
Arrigoni: 'Cesena not defensive'

Daniele Arrigoni has claimed that Cesena were not deliberately defensive against Juventus and that this weekend they will purposefully attack Palermo.

The Coach’s defence of his tactics used against the Bianconeri last weekend comes after a week of accusations that he had promoted an overly-negative mindset amongst the Cesena players.

Arrigoni is adamant that where at times the team were caught with a six-man back-line to try to stifle Juve’s attacking, it was a result of the situation at hand, not of a pre-planned negativity.

 “Let me be clear, in Turin we did not have a submissive attitude but it was Juventus with their strength, that strength forced us to play in that way.

“We would have liked to have behaved very differently but we were forced. We hope against Palermo to have more force.

“We need to be determined to even out the League standings, for that we are playing and we try. No, there will be no submissive behaviour, we cannot afford it. But Juve obliged us with their overwhelming power.”

This promise comes with a trip to Sicily to play at the Renzo Barbera, where Palermo have won every game this season.

“I do not understand why they always win at home and things turn out so badly away. Their features suggest just the contrary.

“In Serie A they are a team that has less ball possession - for one simple reason, counter-attacks are played that way and they are deadly from them. They should be more comfortable away from home but it is not the case.”

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