Wednesday December 15 2010
Miha: Fiorentina failed an objective

After admitting earlier this week that losing to Parma in the Coppa Italia would be a problem, Sinisa Mihajlovic confirms that Fiorentina have failed an objective.

The Viola went 1-0 up in extra-time through Mario Santana, but their opponents responded immediately in devastating fashion, as Hernan Crespo scored twice in three minutes to deliver a knock-out blow.

Mihajlovic had hope to put a decent run together in the Coppa Italia partly to save his side's season, which has been trying to say the least.

Visibly disappointed, he said: "I don't know if you can be satisfied when you go out like this.

"We shouldn't have lost. We have two or three goalscoring chances at 0-0. Then Crespo won it for them.

"The Coppa Italia was our objective. It's a shame. We shouldn't have lost."

Asked if Fiorentina will try to improve matters by venturing into the transfer market once it opens again in January, Mihajlovic said: "We'll look at getting the injured back."