Sunday December 11 2011
Guidolin: 'Udinese's magic moment'

Francesco Guidolin cannot disguise Udinese are in “a magic moment that keeps on going, we hope for as long as possible.”

The Friulani are top of the table awaiting Roma-Juventus on Monday evening, climbing thanks to their 2-1 win over Chievo.

“It’s a magic moment that keeps on going, we hope for as long as possible,” said the Coach.

“We must experience what is happening right now with joy and a calm state of mind. It’s wonderful looking at the table and it’s an extraordinary period for us. Now we have to see how long it lasts.

“In the first half we weren’t going at our usual tempo, so compliments to Chievo for causing us problems. After the break we played the way we wanted to and deserved the victory. If we don’t push hard, then we’re not competitive.

“We were missing some key players today and need a larger squad, but are also introducing youngsters a bit at a time.”

Guidolin specifically thanked Udinese and owner Giampaolo Pozzo for backing him when there were problems.

“I will never forget that I was the Coach who lost four games in a row at the start of last season, but the club always gave me total support. That doesn’t happen often.

“Now we are planning to construct a new stadium and hope when it is built Udinese can continue to be protagonists.”