Wednesday December 15 2010
Developments in plans to sell Roma

The bank in charge of selling Roma has let it be known that a number of clients are 'very interested' in buying the club.

Unicredit currently have a majority stake in Roma after agreeing a debt resettlement package with the Sensi family in the summer.

Rosella Sensi is still nominally Roma's President but the club has been up for sale for nearly six months.

Unicredit have used Rothschild to find a buyer for Roma and it appears that their search has generated a great deal of interest.

Yesterday Italpetroli, the holding company run by the Sensi family, released a statement detailing that the club's accounts had been handed over to a 'limited group' of interested parties for due diligence.

Piergiorgio Peluso, the person responsible for Roma's sale at Unicredit, admitted as much this afternoon.

"There are [buyers] for Roma and they are very interested," he said. "They are all doing the due diligence."

Asked about the secretive way in which Roma's sale is being handled, Peluso replied: "That's absolutely not true. It's an absolutely transparent process. They are doing an in-depth examination [of the accounts].

"It's a complex operation and this explains the postponement which is also linked to the Christmas holidays.

"Anyway, there are buyers and they are very interested," he concluded.

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