Wednesday December 14 2011
Fan Passport ruled illegal

The ‘Fan Passport’ has been ruled illegal in Italy due to the payment system, so the Government must find another way to tackle hooliganism.

The Tessera del Tifoso, which translates as fan passport, was introduced three years ago in a bid to identify those going to football matches around the country.

It also allowed new rules ensuring only those with the fan passport would be allowed to attend certain high-risk away games.

However, today the Codacons (consumer protection agency) declared the fan passport is “illegitimate” because of its payment system.

“By all means give fans a method of identification, if this can help stop violence in the stadiums, but you cannot force people to sign up to a rechargeable credit card to have the fan passport,” said Codacons President Carlo Rienzi.

“In order to attend a game, they should not necessarily have to sign up to a contract with a bank by paying money.”

Italy’s Minister of the Interior Anna Maria Cancellieri confirmed something would have to change.

“We have great respect, as always, for the rulings. Now we will read the decision and then see what we will do.”