Saturday December 17 2011
Report: Napoli sign Vargas

Chilean media claim that Napoli have secured a €12m deal for hot property Eduardo Vargas.

There were already reports over the last few days that the Partenopei had sent directors out to negotiate with Universidad de Chile, beating competition from the likes of Inter, Roma and Chelsea.

This evening elements of the Chilean media claim Vargas has already agreed a €12m transfer to the San Paolo.

Canal 24H announced “Vargas is a Napoli player. The Universidad striker has completed his transfer to the Azzurri for $15m.”

They also claimed Universidad wanted to keep the 22-year-old until June 2012 so he could take part in the Copa Libertadores, but he pushed for an immediate move.

Edu Vargas is among the nominees for the South American Player of the Year award and has been compared to Alexis Sanchez.