Wednesday December 21 2011
Enrique: 'Roma's best performance'

Luis Enrique felt this was “the best performance” Roma have given since he took over. “We had total control of the game.”

The Giallorossi earned a 2-0 victory at the Stadio Dall’Ara in Bologna, meaning they have seven points from their last three games of 2011.

“I think this was the best performance of the season, with great balance between the two phases of play,” said the Spanish Coach.

“We had total control of the game and created many scoring opportunities. Bologna have a lot of quality in attack, but never caused us problems and this makes me happy.

“This is not the definitive line-up, as everyone is important and can earn their place in the starting XI, such as Fabio Simplicio who was previously on the margins.

“Now I go relaxed into the winter break where I can eat panettone and pandoro, as very few people believed I’d still be in this job for Christmas.”

Francesco Totti has now become more central to the Roma side, although he is still looking for his first goal.

“I have a special rapport with Francesco because I played against him in my career. I always do whatever I consider to be best for the team. The group is more important than any individual and I hope everyone understands that.

“Only once everyone takes part when attacking and defending can things become easier, as they are for a big club.”

However, Enrique did hint that Marco Borriello is on the transfer market.

“This is a question for the club. If he doesn’t play, then everything is possible, but the club has to make that decision and not me.”