Saturday December 24 2011
Doni: 'Involvement is minor'

Cristiano Doni has been released from prison after confessing to working with a betting syndicate to influence matches, but lawyers assure “his involvement is minor.”

The former Atalanta captain is already serving a three-and-a-half-year ban for the betting scandal, but was one of several people arrested this week.

After several days in solitary confinement, Doni confessed to prosecutors that he was involved in attempting to fix Serie A and B matches, so he was released late Friday night to spend Christmas under house arrest.

“Doni was very upset and obviously realised the situation during these terrible days in the Cremona penitentiary,” lawyer Salvatore Pino told Sky Sport Italia.

“He gave very useful elements for the investigation, which show that Cristiano’s involvement is minor. You can understand he was involved, but in a significantly inferior way to what was previously believed by the authorities.

“A large part of the interrogation was based on Atalanta-Piacenza and certain accusations were confirmed. Despite what many may think, Atalanta are first and foremost in his thoughts.”

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