Thursday January 5 2012
Udinese blast Floro Flores

Udinese patron Giampaolo Pozzo has shot down reports of Antonio Floro Flores joining Fiorentina. “If someone isn’t happy, they can go at the end of the season.”

The Friulani are only two points off the top of the table, but the relative lack of playing time for Floro Flores prompted the striker to complain and seek a January transfer.

“The results achieved in 2011 are visible to all and prove better than any words how the choices of the Coach have been spot on,” wrote Pozzo in a note on the official website.

“If we have been able to soar so high, it is thanks to the contributions of everyone, a unity of the team and staff that allowed players to perform at this level.

“This is an approach that continues to prove a winning one and will be preserved to the end. If someone steps outside the chorus, it cannot be tolerated.

“If someone isn’t happy, then they can go at the end of the season and we’ll try to find a solution that he enjoys. I repeat, this is only to happen at the end of the campaign. In the meantime, the club will give its utmost support to those who are more than ever convinced and happy to be wearing this jersey.”

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