Saturday January 7 2012
Alfaro 'is a Lazio player'

Emiliano Alfaro “will fly in to sign for Lazio in a couple of days” said his agent after completing negotiations for the Uruguayan striker.

The last week has seen talks with Liverpool Montevideo go through various stages and there was also a reported involvement from Genoa to help the move go through.

On Friday evening there were even rumours of a new €4m proposal from an unnamed club, but Lazio got it back on track for the 23-year-old.

“Finally, it is done,” agent Vincenzo D’Ippolito told late Friday night. It’s believed they’ll pay €3m for a four and a half year contract.

“It was a long and complex negotiation process, but at the end it went through successfully. The player will fly in to Rome to sign for Lazio in a couple of days.

“All parties are happy and we closed it at the initial offer, despite some attempts to destabilise the move. Lazio were patient and they are all satisfied.”