Monday January 9 2012
Migliaccio sees uncertain Palermo

Giulio Migliaccio has lamented the number of coaching changes at Palermo as creating an atmosphere of uncertainty at Palermo.

The Rosanero began 2012 under their third Coach of the season, Bortolo Mutti, and in falling to a 3-1 defeat at home to Napoli, have continued the poor run of form that began under his predecessor Devis Mangia.

Midfielder Migliaccio reflected that the number of staff changes within the coaching and management structure of the team has been highly influential in affecting on-the-pitch confidence.

“Unfortunately we are going through a difficult period, we have had three changes of Coach and sporting director over the past two months and certainly it does not help us.

“So many changes in a set-up will have a negative affect on any team, let alone ours, which is among the youngest teams in Serie A. We lack certainty.”

Speaking to Radio Radio Palermo, the No 8 gave his thoughts on where the club can improve the situation and where realistic ambitions should lie.

“I’m confident that we will recover if we a given a little extra on the field, perhaps through the transfer market.

“With the current squad we can put together a stable championship, in transition. Because a lot has changed over the summer, perhaps only this is possible.

“It takes patience, a factor that is often lacking in football.”