Saturday December 18 2010
Malesani doubts Bologna buyers

Bologna continue to hover over bankruptcy and Alberto Malesani is losing faith. “I'll believe there's a new club when I see it.”

President Sergio Porcedda saw negotiations with a group of investors break down this week, while now there is reportedly an offer from the owners of the Segafredo coffee company.

“We have heard so many different things during this saga,” sighed Coach Malesani in the Corriere dello Sport.

“Until I see someone turning up to the Casteldebole ground and telling us he is the President, then I won't believe it.

“Should I take care of the administration? I'd be happy to, as long as someone finances it.”

Bologna squad: Lombardi, Lupatelli, Viviano; Britos, Cherubin, Garics, Moras, Morleo, Portanova, Rubin; Buscè, Casarini, Della Rocca, Ekdal, Krhin, Radovanovic, Siligardi, Ramirez; Di Vaio, Gimenez, Meggiorini