Sunday January 15 2012
Conte: 'A Juve reminder'

Antonio Conte feels Cagliari gave Juventus a timely reminder. “We have to suffer and fight to the very end.”

The Bianconeri were expected to run away with this afternoon’s match, but were held to a surprise 1-1 home draw.

“I think the game immediately started well for us, as we were in the lead and playing good football with many chances to finish it off,” said Conte.

“After the break we conceded straight away and that goal made us freeze up. We improved later, but were unable to take our scoring opportunities.

“I tried to introduce fresh legs in attack, but the final blow just didn’t come. I am not satisfied with the result, as we must be intelligent enough to improve on negatives and continue this campaign that is above our expectations.

“After 18 games unbeaten, it is acceptable to draw against Cagliari. I don’t think my men were arrogant, as they fought hard for the result.

“It was a good reminder that we have to suffer and fight to the very end in every game from here to the last one in the season.”

Juventus are one point clear at the top of the table awaiting tonight’s Milan-Inter showdown.

“It’s a shame to be sitting down watching the derby with only a draw under our belts. May the best team win.”