Tuesday January 17 2012
Sannino fears Lavezzi’s return

Giuseppe Sannino is anxious about welcoming Napoli to Tuscany next weekend because of Ezequiel Lavezzi’s possible return.

Lavezzi has been out of action since picking up a thigh injury during his team’s home defeat to Roma in mid-December.

Having finished a stepped recovery and now returned to full training on Tuesday, the Argentine international is in line for involvement next Sunday.

Speaking to Radio Crc, Robur Coach Sannino reflected on what to expect next weekend and his thoughts on the returning danger-man.

“Yesterday against Bologna I saw a Napoli that wasn’t too bad. Sunday I expect a tough match. That Napoli missed the chance to get three points at the San Paolo will mean Sunday will be fierce.

“It is an honour to play Napoli at this time and I am thinking about how to my best with Siena. I have a growing concern about the return to the field of their champion Lavezzi, who brings balance to Napoli.

“When Pocho is on the field there is more imagination and the Azzurri are more unpredictable. I am very concerned about his presence on the field on Sunday afternoon.”

The 54-year-old then reflected on his philosophy as a Coach and how he intends to approach Week 19’s fixture that will mark the halfway point in the season.

“We always have great respect for every opponent and seek out any weaknesses. We will focus on the many Azzurri players we consider are dangerous, whilst we still have five days to make trouble for Napoli.

 “I think that the work is the basis of all results. It should never be spared if you want to achieve great goals.

“Sometimes we are up to situations, sometimes we are not. At the moment, the thing that keeps me calm is the team’s performance. I hope to collect the points against Napoli so as to reach the goal we set ourselves.

“On Sunday, both teams will need the points, I expect a good game.”