Thursday January 19 2012
Maldini: Milan don’t want me

The legendary Paolo Maldini wants to work in football – but claims somebody at Milan doesn’t want him.

Maldini, who spent 24 years in the Rossoneri first team squad, was expected to be handed a role by the Diavolo following his retirement from the game in 2009.

However, he’s told the Gazzetta dello Sport today that a proposed return to the outfit has been blocked on two occasions.

“[Owner Silvio] Berlusconi mentioned my name numerous times, as did Barbara Berlusconi, but the reality is that nothing was ever offered to me,” the former defender noted.

“Leonardo wanted me close to the side, while [current boss Massimiliano] Allegri would have liked me as a middleman between the squad and the club.

“A lot of my ex-teammates would have wanted me back at Milanello too. But they always found that the door was closed by the club. I really don’t know what is behind this decision.

“As far as I am concerned, there is no reason why [Vice-President Adriano] Galliani and myself would be incompatible. I can’t speak for him though.”

Maldini, whose father Cesare played for and coached the Rossoneri, won everything there was on offer while with the Stadio Meazza outfit. And he’s keen to return in some capacity.

“Milan are in my heart and I want to repay the club,” he added. “I feel a strong and unconditional love for the Rossoneri jersey.

“The only condition would be that I was able to do my job according to the ideas of my life.

“I’m not looking for visibility, but over the years I have acquired intellectual independency that I’m not ready to give up.

“I would not have any other purpose apart from the goodness of Milan – and this could possibly be a problem for someone. I’m not afraid to tell it like it is, even if this can be a problem.

“But I want to point out that I’m not demanding a role within the club and I would not be presumptuous enough to try to teach people who have been there for 40 years, or winning for 25, their job.

“I’d go there to learn and try to give something back to a club that gave me so much.”

Maldini also revealed that he could have joined Carlo Ancelotti at Chelsea following his retirement three years ago.

“I had an offer from Ancelotti at Chelsea, but I had only just stopped playing. The Cosmos also contacted me, but it wasn’t clear enough.

“I’m in love with football and sooner or later I’ll work in this environment. If that is not at Milan then I don’t want to be seen as a traitor.”

Reports this week have suggested that Maldini may be offered a post with Paris Saint-Germain – where he could team up with sporting director Leonardo and Ancelotti.

“Now there is talk of Paris Saint-Germain, but the reality is that I went to Paris to see two friends like Carlo and Leo, as well as meeting their President.

“There is no offer right now, but I know what I could give – experience, love for this sport, a desire to work for a serious project. But I haven’t asked anything from anyone.”