Thursday January 19 2012
Former teammates back Pellissier

Sergio Pellissier has received encouragement from former teammates Massimo Marazzina and Bernardo Corradi as his search for 100 Chievo goals continues.

Pellissier, in his 12th year with the Veronese side, has been stuck on 99 goals for Chievo since the middle of November. Currently on a 668-minute run without a goal, the once-capped Italy international still has the belief of his past colleagues.

Marazzina, who scored 45 of his 117 career goals with the Mussi Volanti, offered his support to the 32-year-old, who he played alongside between 2000 and 2004.

 “I know Sergio well. He is a great guy and a great striker. When you talk about him, it is essential to look beyond the statistics.

“A century? When I reached 100 I didn’t even notice.

“It happened when I was with Bologna and I scored against Bari and in the evening someone said to me, ‘Massimo, do you know that was your 100th goal?’

“I thought, ok. Then I carried on doing my thing.

“Nerves? You do not think about nerves. Whether the first or the 100th, when the game begins, the thoughts melt away and you only think about scoring in that game.

“Sometimes all it takes is a crazy shot in order to forget everything.”

Meanwhile, Corradi expressed his confidence to L’Arena that Pellissier will soon reach the milestone.

“I hope it comes as soon as possible. A number does not change the sense of what Sergio has achieved here.

“He is the soul of Chievo, he stayed committed to the project even when the team ended up in Serie B. Indeed, his relationship with the club became even stronger then.

“He made history, he is part of their history. I consider him an expert and experienced player.

“Any tips for him? He knows everything and he knows very well that those who in our job also suffer setbacks. But then they pass.

“Take [Francesco] Totti. He waited a lifetime to score this season then found two penalties in one game. There is still time for Pellissier to do everything.”