Saturday January 21 2012
Maxi Lopez closer to Fulham

There are reports that Fulham have accepted Maxi Lopez’s personal terms, but Milan are still hoping to snatch the Catania striker.

It was already confirmed last week that Fulham had made an offer for the Argentine, thought to be worth €1.5m for the six-month loan plus a mandatory option to buy for €9m.

This is considerably more than the deal struck with Milan over the winter break, which was €0.5m for the loan and a buy-out clause worth €8m.

“Maxi Lopez’s future is still up in the air, but the player would be very happy to wear the Rossoneri jersey,” agent Andrea D’Amico told SportItalia.

It is rumoured Catania could use the Fulham offer as a ruse to force Milan into raising their initial bid.