Saturday January 21 2012
Enrique: 'Roma almost perfect'

Luis Enrique could only praise Roma after their 5-1 thrashing of Cesena. “This is the football all Coaches and players enjoy.”

The Giallorossi notched up a fourth consecutive victory, not counting last week’s rained off game with Catania, and were 3-0 up within nine minutes.

“This is the football that I think all Coaches and players enjoy, plus it gives you a better chance of winning the games,” said the Spanish Coach.

“Today the match seemed easy because we were almost perfect. I still believe Cesena are an excellent side with important qualities, but we played at the very highest level.”

Francesco Totti bagged a brace this evening, breaking Gunnar Nordahl’s record with his 211th Serie A goal for a single club.

“Francesco is a player of a different quality and he can find the goal at any moment. His statistics speak for themselves, but we didn’t celebrate in the locker room, as we have another game against Juventus in the Coppa Italia on Tuesday.”

Enrique was on the verge of dismissal and the subject of fan protests after their 3-0 defeat to Fiorentina, but have since turned a corner.

“What changed? That’s the million Euro question. It isn’t easy for a foreign Coach who doesn’t speak the language very well to let the lads understand what football he wants. I saw the team follow my orders from the first day and we had to work in order to find our identity.

“There are still many things to improve, but the first half was wonderful today. I have to give 100 per cent of the credit to the players.”