Tuesday December 21 2010
Lotito: 'Reja key to Lazio success'

Lazio are flying high in second place and President Claudio Lotito gives all the credit to one man. “Edy Reja has an incredible rapport with the players.”

The Coach was brought in part-way through last season and was expected to target mid-table, but instead is challenging for the Scudetto.

“In 2010 we found the calm, balance, united locker room and a Coach who has been able to instil an incredible rapport with the players,” said President Lotito.

“Reja is the key to Lazio's campaign. He is clear and has the really quite rare quality of being able to communicate with everyone. For example, we speak the same language and understand each other right away.”

Lotito was adamant that former boss Delio Rossi, who won the Coppa Italia, deserves no credit.

“What has Rossi got to do with it? He left a year and a half ago and many of the players we have now weren't even at the club then. No, Rossi has no place in this success at all.”

The Biancocelesti's current form has fuelled reports they will make January bids for the likes of Hugo Almeida, Miroslav Klose and Nicklas Bendtner.

“We have been linked with so many names, whereas in reality we are not in contact with any of them. Having said that, the club will do everything to suit the Coach's requests.”