Wednesday December 22 2010
Mou expected Rafa to thank him

Jose Mourinho expected at least a word of thanks from Rafa Benitez after Saturday's victory in the Club World Cup.

The Special One feels he deserves some of the credit for Inter's historic win in Abu Dhabi because, after all, if it weren't for his achievements last season, the club would never have been there in the first place.

Interviewed in La Gazzetta dello Sport, Mourinho was asked about the speculation regarding Benitez's future.

"I don't know [if he has been sacked] and I don't want to know. What interests me is Inter, my friend the President, my friends the players and my friends the fans who in two years gave me everything.

"I want them to win everywhere except in the Champions League where there is Real Madrid, no matter who is their Coach."

Reflecting on Inter's win in Abu Dhabi at the weekend, he said: "It's an infinite joy like it says in our club anthem. And there's an indescribable feeling of pride to have been the Coach of this team and of these players who are 99 per cent the same ones who started out on the road to the Club World Cup.

"What Rafa says doesn't deserve commenting on. I expected at least a 'thank you' for the success that I presented him with. Ask the Inter fans what they think about me and him.

"Rafa found himself in the ideal situation. He had the chance to win three trophies in four games, a situation that every Coach in the world would like.

"Instead, seen from a distance, it seems that this Inter is going through a problematic period."

Finally, Mourinho gave an insight into his future and refused to rule out a return to Italy one day in the future.

Asked if he would like to coach Portugal or another national team, he said: "I believe so, one day. It's a satisfaction that I am missing, something that I want to do for me. But first there are clubs and there will be time to return to Italy and England."

Pressed on when he might back, Mourinho replied: "In no hurry. I have a four-year contract with Real and I want to stay here a long time. There is a lot to do at Real. It's not just the work on the pitch."