Thursday February 2 2012
Guidolin blasts grumbling fans

Francesco Guidolin’s Udinese are in third place, so he was frustrated by fan complaints during the win over Lecce. “I did not appreciate it.”

The Friulani moved to within two points of Milan and have qualified for the Europa League knock-outs, but some sections of the crowd were jeering during last night’s 2-1 victory.

“We realised straight away that we were having a bit of an off day, as taking the lead so early made us think it might be easy, but we reacted after the equaliser,” said the Coach.

“I am happy with my team, as in a moment of difficulty they pulled out the right weapons to deal with it, as this was perhaps our first poor performance on home turf.

“However, I did not appreciate the crowd grumbling. We are third in the table in a complicated moment with new players to settle in and positions that have to be learned.

“The stadium was half-empty and tended to jeer when one of our moves didn’t go well. I’d like to remind everyone with great humility that we are Udinese and these lads ought to have a monument in their honour for all they have done up until now.

“In difficult moments we don’t need to be attacked, but rather receive a pat on the back. We mustn’t forget who we are and where we’re coming from. Over the whole year Udinese have been in the top positions.

“The club is working hard to get more fans into the stadium, but it’s still half-empty. It was cold, but that was true of the other cities last night and they had plenty of supporters in.”

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