Thursday February 2 2012
Snow risk for Cesena-Catania

The kick-off time for Saturday’s Cesena-Catania game has been moved, but there are fears that won’t be enough to prevent it being snowed off.

An extraordinary weather front is crossing Italy this week and five Serie A ties were called off between Tuesday and Wednesday.

Due to the continuing expected snowfall and temperatures well below zero, the Lega announced today it would move all evening kick-offs forward to 14.00 UK time.

Cesena-Catania was set to begin on Saturday at 17.00 UK time, but has been moved to 14.00, although that may well not be enough.

There are now over 50cm of snow over the Stadio Manuzzi, including the pitch, the entrances to the arena, car park and roads going to the venue.

Authorities are at work trying to clear the area, but if further snow falls over the next couple of days, it could become a very difficult situation.

Catania already saw their Wednesday game against Siena called off due to snow.