Friday February 3 2012
Mondonico’s open letter

New Novara Coach Emiliano Mondonico has appealed to the fans to believe, all together, that the team can turn around their current situation.

After replacing Attilio Tesser at the start of the week, Mondonico watched the team fall to their fifth successive defeat in Serie A to confirm their stricken position.

Bottom of the League, the Piedmont side are seven points adrift of safety and have played at least one game more than the teams positioned 17th to 12th. The side have won just twice this season and are the only one in the top flight to have conceded in every match played so far.

However, in an open letter to the team’s fans, Mondonico has appealed for support and belief to be maintained as he attempts the almost impossible task of achieving survival.

“Outside it is still dark, but in me a light has never gone out and in a few others it is still burning. Here comes a new day, new possibilities, new beginnings, a new game.

“Where, how, and with who I am able to work with, I’ll bet that this situation will change, because these guys do not feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities.

“They are a group, the team will always and wherever have a clear and strong motivation to again to the very end.

“If our opponents are ‘better’ then we must have more desire to get the result.

“I’ve lived through many situations like this before and I was trying to remember the key as to why it gets better.

“Suddenly it came to me, it’s you, you ultras, you have been waiting outside the field, you were at the sports centre last night, you were living the game behind me in a special way, it is you who has applauded, you who were upset when things went wrong.

“You that were not indifferent, you, the people of Novara were there, are there again and will always be there, however things go in the past, present and future, in what has been a wonderful adventure and is now a great challenge.

“Show us the way, stand in front of the group, we are obligated to follow you, we need to give more as the maximum so far has not been enough.

“Problems are not to be aggravated, but solved. In the end, whatever happens, you can tell everybody that we where there and have tried everything ourselves.

“At night, the thoughts that surround you are sure to those of others.”

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