Monday February 6 2012
Mezzaroma: Not a Juve penalty

Siena President Massimo Mezzaroma believes Juventus’ claims for a penalty on Sunday are incorrect, suggesting Beppe Marotta’s protests are misplaced.

The Turin Bianconeri were left frustrated by both Siena’s defence and the match officiating in Week 22, being held to a 0-0 result with their appeals for a penalty turned down.

This was the result of midfielder Simone Vergassola appearing to handle a cross coming into the penalty area.

Where Beppe Marotta, Antonio Conte and even Siena Coach Giuseppe Sannino have all analysed the decision as incorrect, the Robur’s President sees otherwise.

“Last year at Coverciano, the referees showed us when they give a penalty for hand ball,” explained Mezzaroma to Radio Crc

“Here, I think is an incident that could be taken as an example of a penalty correctly not given.

“The point gained is important - we have kept the same points gap over those pursuing us in the table and we did so by playing football, not be setting up the barricades.

“I believe that Marotta’s statements are an outcome from the result yesterday, where Juve came up against a well-organised team.

“It is not about merits, but all teams must be protected in the same way, otherwise you create a debate of preferential treatment that is not acceptable.

“Being subjected to equal treatment is the right that should be guaranteed to all in Serie A. Teams like Siena and Napoli can be no less protected than Juventus.

“I think that Marotta’s statements are because of the disappointing result.”