Wednesday February 8 2012
Rossi 'life-time contract' with Genoa

Genoa captain Marco Rossi has officially signed a ‘life-time’ contract with Genoa, including a job at the club after he retires.

The official Genoa website confirmed this evening that the midfielder has put pen to paper on a new deal ensuring he will “end his playing career at Genoa to then enter the club with a job in the coaching staff.”

Rossi also spoke to the site on this historic moment for him, as he has been at Marassi since 2005.

“Aside from the obvious phrases people say in these circumstances, I simply want to thank those who allowed me to meet Genoa, who believed in me, held tough and did not give up in the difficult moments.

“That includes everyone, from President Enrico Preziosi to the club, my teammates, the Coaches and fans who cheered me on yesterday, today and will do so tomorrow.

“I can say that I’ve learned a great deal and I’m proud of the fact I will open the next chapter of my life here too. I hope one day to give to others what Genoa have given me in these years.”