Wednesday February 8 2012
Roma trapped by volcano!

In a bizarre turn of events, Roma have been forced to stay in Catania overnight because Mount Etna is erupting.

The squad is in Sicily after playing the final 25 minutes of a Week 18 Serie A match that was originally rained off on January 14.

The original 1-1 scoreline remained intact and the Giallorossi were all set to fly back to Rome this evening.

However, the entire team was already on the plane when news filtered through that Mount Etna was erupting, so the airport had to be closed.

The players continued to wait until it became clear the situation was not improving due to the ash in the air, so Roma will stay in Catania overnight at a hotel.

“Every time we come to Catania, something happens,” wrote Coach Luis Enrique on Twitter.

“Now they’ve closed the airport due to Etna’s eruption and we have to stay here. Oh well!!!”