Thursday February 9 2012
'Chiellini mustn’t tell tales'

Milan captain Massimo Ambrosini has hit out Giorgio Chiellini for accusing Zlatan Ibrahimovic of slapping Marco Storari last night.

The Juventus defender drew attention in a post-match interview to a clash that he saw between Ibra and Juve’s goalkeeper at the end of the Coppa Italia semi-final first leg yesterday.

Video evidence suggests that the Swede did hit out at Storari, but where Ambrosini admits that if true then Ibra deserves punishment, he has accused Chiellini of stirring up trouble unnecessarily so.

“I think Chiellini should avoid taking these stands,” the 34-year-old angrily suggested.

“They are nasty things, out of place, and I mind because then you attempt to raise certain tones.

“You say that it is fair to raise them, but it does not seem funny to go into the Press room and call for television proof.

“If there is action taken against Ibra? If he has made a mistake then he must pay, but do not go into the Press room and tell tales or say certain things because that is something that should not be done.”

The captain then reflected on the current predicament the team find themselves in, as the Juventus defeat last night confirmed a winless run of three games.

“We must learn from yesterday’s defeat for the [sake of the] rest of the season. At this moment there are differences between us and Juve and we must understand what they are as we have time to fix them.

“We must find the bite that last year enabled us to win the League and play out a great season.”

The Rossoneri face Udinese at the weekend and then Arsenal in the Champions League in midweek.

“Who do I fear most between Juve and Arsenal? I am currently concerned about the game with Udinese, which is the nearest. It is decsive as early February has shown it takes something more than now, we cannot let another game pass without showing that there is a change of course.

“I think that Juve right now has an extra point and a game in hand and will contend with us to the end. I think [Antonio] Conte and the players know how good their chance is of winning.”

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