Thursday February 9 2012
Arrigoni: 'Cesena fell apart'

Daniele Arrigoni confesses the defeat to 10-man Lazio after leading 2-0 “is a heavy blow. At the first sign of trouble we tend to fall apart.”

The Sea Horses were on the verge of an amazing result when in total control at the Stadio Olimpico this evening, but still managed to lose 3-2 when playing against 10 men for an hour.

“The game had reached such a level that we simply had to bring it home,” said the Coach.

“We’ve got to learn how to control matches better, because too often at the first sign of trouble we tend to fall apart, despite the fact we were playing the way we wanted to.

“Vincenzo Iaquinta and Mario Santana hadn’t played a full game in months, so fatigue kicked in, but even with that excuse we should’ve done better.

“Clearly now we have a top class striker like Iaquinta and must support him, but the problem is more psychological throughout the team. The side needs to have more certainty and to feel more confident.

“We have to work on the squad from a psychological perspective now, because this is a heavy blow. The season continues and we have everything we need to survive.

“Clearly with the three points today we would’ve caught the other teams in the table, but it all fell through our fingers.”