Saturday February 18 2012
San Siro turf to go artificial?

It’s reported Milan and Inter will finally replace the notoriously awful San Siro turf with a ‘mixed’ artificial pitch from 2013-14.

The clubs had already considered the possibility of using an artificial playing surface, as since the third tier was added to the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza in 1990, the air flow means the grass does not grow effectively.

It has to be re-laid repeatedly throughout the year, but remains very choppy and causes the ball to bounce in an uneven manner.

According to Tuttosport newspaper, Milan and Inter have found a different solution to the artificial pitch that is used by Cesena and Novara in Serie A this season.

The new system to be introduced in 2013-14 would be only semi-artificial, so the grass is real, but growing on a synthetic surface.

Milan inaugurated a new ‘super-synthetic surface’ in their Milanello training ground yesterday, where the foundation is made of natural earth and the artificial grass is attached to it.