Saturday February 18 2012
Montolivo: 'No Milan deal'

Riccardo Montolivo’s contract with Fiorentina expires in June, but he denies having a deal with Milan. “I don’t know what my future will be.”

The midfielder refused an extension and will therefore be a free agent in the summer, but while he was heavily linked with Inter, Juventus, Bayern Munich and Roma, the general belief is that he’ll end up with the Rossoneri.

“At the end of the season I will very likely leave Florence, albeit with great disappointment,” Montolivo told children ‘interviewing’ him on a visit to a paediatric hospital.

“There has not been any offer from Milan, so I don’t know what my future will be.”

The children also asked whether money or passion was the deciding factor in his career.

“Money is important in life, but without the passion you have within you right from childhood, it would all be over.

“You must never give in and always believe in your dreams. I dreamed of Serie A and I did it.”