Sunday February 26 2012
Colantuono's anti-Roma tactics

Stefano Colantuono reveals he analysed how to tear Roma apart before the game. “Roma have their philosophy that leaves a lot of space at the back.”

Atalanta won 4-1 with a series of counter-attacks, including a German Denis hat-trick.

“Roma have their philosophy that leaves a lot of space at the back. I won’t say there are harder teams to attack in Serie A…

“We had prepared tactically to go with rapid and sudden vertical runs, because Roma play in your half and therefore have to leave things a bit more open in defence.”

Colantuono admits their task was made easier because Francesco Totti was suspended, while Daniele De Rossi was dropped for turning up a few minutes late to this morning’s team meeting.

“Would I have done the same? Well, it depends on why he was late and how late. There can be a little bit of tolerance, but I don’t want to get into this debate out of respect for Luis Enrique.”

If it weren’t for the six-point penalty over a betting scandal, Atalanta would now be just one point behind Roma.

“It is a bit of a shame, as otherwise we would’ve been in the race for the Europa League, but we know the situation and therefore must focus on avoiding relegation.”