Thursday March 1 2012
Cambiasso: 'Inter have changed'

Esteban Cambiasso warns Inter fans they must realise the Treble team is gone. “Today the reality is very different.”

The Nerazzurri have lost seven of their last eight official games, including the last five on the bounce.

“In the locker room we analyse the matches that we lost, but we are not accustomed to such a bad run of results,” the midfielder told Sky Sport Italia.

“The only way to emerge from this is to work hard and examine the mistakes we made. Each game is different, but unfortunately united by a negative result.

“Now we need good performances, but it’s not enough, as we know full well that without a good result it is all futile.

“Unfortunately, it’s normal for people to think ill of us at the moment. When everything is going well, then nobody has complaints, but beauty is not eternal.

“We are happy with what we have achieved in the past few years, but today the reality is very different. To emerge from this situation we must sweat and work hard.”