Saturday March 10 2012
Zampa: 'Palermo will beat Roma'

President Maurizio Zamparini is “95 per cent” sure Palermo will beat Roma tonight, but admits he is “worried about the referee.”

Both sides need a boost, as the Sicilians were crushed 4-0 by Milan last week and the Giallorossi lost the derby to arch rivals Lazio.

“These two teams are on a similar level and both coming off heavy defeats, so it’ll be a battle to be won by the side with the right attitude. Having said that, I’m 95 per cent sure Palermo will beat Roma,” the patron told Radio Manà Manà.

“I am worried about Luca Banti being assigned to the game. He can be a good referee if he wants to, but I am very worried. I don’t like this designation at all. I’ll be there with 10 spotlights on him at all times.”

Zamparini has already been through three Coaches this season, but Roma have stuck with Luis Enrique despite poor results.

“He reminds me of the early Arrigo Sacchi, who preached in vain. He is preaching a new type of football and if they let him work then he might do well. Sacchi was great, but also had great players who made the difference.

“Bortolo Mutti can relax, as I am not interested in European qualification. As soon as we reach 40 points, we’ll give the youngsters some Serie A experience.

“I’m disappointed that some newspapers have labelled me as someone who screams and shouts, because that’s not true. I am a little impatient, that is true, but I am someone who dares and experiments, such as promoting Devis Mangia.

“The ideal would be to have Mutti and Mangia working together, to have the solidity of one and the freshness of the other.”

Roma director Walter Sabatini knows all about the fiery nature of working with Zamparini, as he resigned from Palermo.

“It was his mistake to offer his resignation and my mistake to accept it. It was all silly, but then turned out fine because he went to Roma, so I am happy for him. The Giallorossi’s situation will make him suffer, but this is football.”