Saturday March 10 2012
De La wants Scudetto play-offs

Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis has a radical idea to shake up the Scudetto race. “Imagine a play-off between the top four teams!”

Milan and Juventus have broken away at the top of the table, so the Hollywood mogul has a new idea.

“Just imagine a play-off between the top four teams for the Scudetto! If there are teams with seven or 15 points advantage over the others, then it’s only natural to assume they’ll win.

“It would be much more interesting to put everything back up for debate through play-offs, creating another interesting element for spectators. The problem with football is the solid link with the past, whereas we should be looking to the future...

“Now we have teams breaking away at the top, creating a gap to the others and taking tension away from the season. It lacks that frenetic edge. Putting it all back on the table between the top four would be fascinating.”

De Laurentiis also referred to the never-ending transfer market as “a sort of bulimia. People always want to be buying more and more to satiate this unstoppable hunger, but you can’t think like that. I don’t want to end up with a locker room full of unhappy players.”

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