Tuesday March 13 2012
Fiorentina 'victims' of Juve?

Fiorentina have warned they “don’t want to become victims” of Juventus complaints against referees when they face off on Saturday.

Juve have called a media silence in protest at refereeing errors, creating a tense atmosphere ahead of this weekend’s trip to Florence.

“This is the second time this season we’ve faced a team that has complained about previous refereeing performances,” said general manager Sandro Mencucci.

“We are not victims and we don’t want to become victims. The Italian officials are well-prepared, but we don’t want to see anyone psychologically conditioned by these complaints.”

Fiorentina have their own problems to contend with, as Amauri is still looking for his first goal since joining from Juve in January and Stevan Jovetic is unlikely to be fit in time.

“Jovetic is working hard to recover and we’ll see if he can take part in training. He’ll be with us for a long time and if he’s not on the field Saturday, then we’ll see him on many other occasions.
“As for Amauri, usually players tend to score against their old clubs. Here’s hoping this time it’s his go.”