Wednesday January 5 2011
Mutu agent: 'Total breakdown'

Adrian Mutu's agent concedes there is a “total breakdown” with Fiorentina, but insists “they'll be forced to keep paying his wages.”

The player stormed out of training today without permission, so the club has announced it will take legal action at a federal and civil level for his ‘insubordination.'

“There is a total breakdown between Mutu and Fiorentina,” declared agent Giovanni Becali on

“The rumours that he was close to Cesena were unfounded. Mutu is wanted by several clubs in Italy and Europe, including Cesena.

“Fiorentina have given us the all-clear to seek another team, but not one in Italy. Now we want to clarify a few things and then see what could happen.

“I can certainly say that if there is not a clarification with Fiorentina, then on Friday we will call a Press conference to explain everything that happened recently, even those things that were not said.

“If he is not called up, then he will stay in the stands and Fiorentina will be forced to keep paying his wages until the end of his contract.

“The lad is calm and the situation does not worry me, but I wish to reiterate that there is a total breakdown between Fiorentina and Mutu.”

The Viola have other plans, as they have announced their intention to seek legal action against the Romanian.

Similar to the move Sampdoria took against Antonio Cassano, it would effectively suspend him from playing or receiving wages, could lead to a ban or even the termination of his contract for insubordination.

Reports filtering through from Florence suggest today Mutu answered his phone in the locker room – which in itself is an offence punishable by a fine within the squad – then without saying a word changed back into his clothes and walked out.

According to the rumours, President Andrea Della Valle went into the locker room after the training session to make this announcement.

“Don't worry about Adrian, even if yet again he has disrespected you. I can guarantee it is over between Fiorentina and Mutu, but you have to focus only on tomorrow's game with Bologna.”