Monday January 10 2011
Malesani: 'Bologna nearly went under'

Bologna Coach Alberto Malesani has revealed just how close the club was to going under last year.

The Felsinei were given a one-point penalty for financial irregularities and put up sale when it emerged that Sergio Porcedda could no longer support the club.

Wages went unpaid and the players were even considering legal action.

A takeover was completed by Segafredo owner Massimo Zanetti in December and Bologna were saved, much to the relief of their fans.

Speaking to Radio Anch'io Lo Sport, Malesani said: "The most difficult moment was the talk I had to give before the game against Parma.

"That day there was little time left to sort out the club's problems. We either paid or went to the tribunal before Christmas.

"I said to the team: 'Let's hope we come back and see each other again. Let's give everything because it could be the last game'.

"We all went for it together, except the injured of course, and played in a commendable manner. Then the club was saved," he concluded.