Sunday January 16 2011
Zamparini: 'Put refs in prison!'

Palermo President Maurizio Zamparini wages his fiercest attack yet on referees. “We should put them all in prison. They're either incompetent or in bad faith.”

The Sicilians have complained of refereeing errors all season and were defeated 3-1 in Cagliari this afternoon.

The game opened with Alessandro Matri scoring while in an offside position.

“I don't know what else to do. We should put them all in prison,” blasted Zamparini on Mediagol.

“We cannot understand what is happening. The offside was at least a metre today, not a few centimetres.

“If the referee didn't see it, then he is incompetent and should change profession, because even a child could see that was offside.

“If he did see it, then I have to think he wielded his flag in bad faith. It is evident that this result was decided by a refereeing error and that offside goal, because until the opener Palermo were more than in the game.”

When asked if he would encourage fans to stage a Spanish-style ‘panolada' protest of waving white handkerchiefs, Zamparini was dismissive.

“That wouldn't do anything. The problem is that the refereeing system needs to change. They cannot say these are just mistakes when the errors always go against the same team.

“Our 2011 started exactly the same way as 2010 ended, with refereeing errors against us. In three games of this new year, we have had three huge and decisive errors against us.

“I will now ask the refereeing designator for an official explanation for what is happening to Palermo. If he tells me they are simple mistakes, then I'll accept that, but he has to say it.

“He has to look back over all the incidents and give me an explanation. I think it is our right to ask for answers.”

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