Thursday January 20 2011
Adriano 'popped shoulder out of joint'

Adriano's injury “is very nasty and knocked his shoulder out of joint” during the Rome derby last night.

The club released a statement revealing the extent of Adriano's injury after he collapsed during Wednesday's Coppa Italia match.

“Adriano dislocated his right shoulder, while tests at the Gemelli clinic showed a humeral head fracture, the partial dislocation of the gleno-humeral joint and lesion of the gleno-humeral ligament.

“The player will begin the therapeutic and rehabilitative process in the next few days, as set out by consultant orthopaedic Professor Fabbricciani.”

The Roma striker had only been playing for a few minutes when he suddenly collapsed to the ground in agony.

“Unfortunately, the news is not comforting, because the lad's injury is very nasty,” agent Roberto Calenda told Sky Sport Italia.

“It was an anomalous injury, as he didn't damage it when falling to the ground, but instead made a strange movement levering against an opponent while running, so it knocked his shoulder out of joint.

“It is a very nasty injury and the Roma medical staff did well to put the shoulder back in place. Usually this sort of thing requires anaesthesia and an operation.

“He'll have to wear a special brace for at least three weeks and then we'll see.”

Adriano has been struggling with a series of setbacks since joining in the summer and looked rather overweight during the derby.

“We can say luck is not on his side right now,” continued the representative. “It was his decision to carry on playing last night, but at half-time the medical staff told him he simply couldn't continue.”

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