Thursday January 20 2011
De Rossi: 'Derby terrorises me'

Daniele De Rossi reveals “the derby used to terrorise me,” but Roma's Adriano has fractured his shoulder.

The club released a statement revealing the extent of Adriano's injury after he collapsed during Wednesday's Coppa Italia match.

“Adriano dislocated his right shoulder, while tests at the Gemelli clinic showed a humeral head fracture, the partial dislocation of the gleno-humeral joint and lesion of the gleno-humeral ligament.

“The player will begin the therapeutic and rehabilitative process in the next few days, as set out by consultant orthopaedic Professor Fabbricciani.”

His agent stated he'll need to wear a support for “at least three weeks,” so it's not clear when Adriano will be able to play again.

Last night's 2-1 Coppa Italia victory over local rivals Lazio was a heated affair and De Rossi risked a red card with persistent fouling.

He also waved four fingers at the crowd after the final whistle, signifying the number of consecutive derby meetings won by the Giallorossi.

“It's normal, there is more satisfaction in beating Lazio in a knockout round,” said the midfielder.

“We beat them and knocked them right out of the Coppa Italia. I wouldn't say we have an inferiority complex with regards to Lazio, as they are a good side, but once again we emerged with the victory.

“It is always fantastic to win the derby, as every derby win is like the first time, even if I must say that with each one that passes I feel more and more relaxed.

“Before I felt too tense and was even terrorised at times, but I think I've managed to calm myself down now.”

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