Monday January 24 2011
'Udinese play the best football'

Udinese owner Giampaolo Pozzo has once again claimed that his team plays the best football in Italy.

The Zebrette recorded a deserved 3-1 victory over Inter on Sunday lunchtime.

"We were an advert for football," Pozzo said.

"I repeat that we play the best football in Italy.

"We faced a very strong opponent and we didn't break down when they took the lead.

"In the end it was Udinese to conduct the dance.

"I continue to ask that the team gets 40 points as soon as possible, then it will be up to the players to raise the bar higher.

"They have the entire second half of the season in front of them. There are many points available to them.

"I believe that they will have fun."