Wednesday January 26 2011
Ranieri: 'Roma unfazed by takeover'

Claudio Ranieri insists Roma's players are unfazed by the growing speculation that the club is about to be sold.

Reports in Italy claim representatives from Unicredit were in New York yesterday to meet a consortium of American investors headed by Thomas Richard Di Benedetto.

"We are only thinking about what happens on the pitch," Ranieri said. "The other things will come to be managed by the Sensis and by the bank, and that mustn't interest us.

"I don't expect anything," he added. "We are only thinking about winning an important game against Juventus."

Asked about stories of unrest within the Roma dressing room, he said: "What counts is what we do now, this year. We can't think about what will happen.

"We have two possibilities: give up and have a terrible season or fight with the knife between our teeth because on the pitch we get stuck in. And it seems to me that this message has been well received by the lads."

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