Thursday November 4 2010
Garrone: 'Why I can't forgive Cassano'

Sampdoria President Riccardo Garrone has broken his silence to explain why he won't forgive Antonio Cassano. “Gigi Del Neri was right.”

The patron started proceedings to have his contract terminated after a furious row over Cassano's refusal to attend an awards ceremony last week.

While the player has repeatedly made public appeals for forgiveness, President Garrone stayed silent until this interview with Striscia La Notizia.

“Cassano used words that were too harsh and what he did was too serious,” said the patron.

"Take into account all I did for him. It hurt to realise he recognised my authority, but nothing else.

Garrone also revealed former Sampdoria Coach Del Neri saw this coming, just as he had when working with FantAntonio at Roma.

“Del Neri was right, as one day he said Cassano would use the same tone with me that he had with Roma President Franco Sensi and the President of Real Madrid.

“Antonio improved so much with us and had become almost normal, if you can even use that term.

“Antonio is a good and generous person, but when he loses his temper he really cannot control himself.

“I don't even know if he realises what he said to me when he had that explosion of rage.

"My great regret is that he was happy with us. Last night I walked the streets of Genoa and not a single Sampdoria fan asked me to make peace with Cassano."

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